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Last updated 15 June

Corona virus – Information for CEMS cohort, spring 2020

Official information on the corona virus provided by the University of Cologne can be found here. For additional information on the upcoming spring term at the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences (WiSo Faculty) please see here.

The WiSo Faculty has suspended any face-to-face counselling for the time being. Counselling is offered online, offices are closed for visitors.

Academic counselling

At the CEMS Office Cologne, we offer counselling hours over the phone and via Zoom/Skype.

Ulrike Decker, +49 221 470-1281, available Tue, Wed & Thu 9 am to 12 pm or by appointment. For Zoom, please enquire by email.
Christoph Karl (Incoming CEMS students), +49 221 470-2779, available Tue, Thu & Fri 10 am to 1 pm, or by appointment. For Skype name, please enquire by email, we will answer as quickly as possible.

Skill Seminars

We have planned several Skill Seminars throughout the term. We are in contact with our Corporate Partners to see whether they are able to offer their Skill Seminars online as well.

CEMS language 3 requirement

Due to the current situation around the corona virus, it is difficult to fulfil your language 3 requirement as language courses are cancelled. The official communication by the CEMS Global Office regarding languages is as follows:

Second/third language CEMS graduation requirement (commercial options):

  • We continue recognising CEMS accredited cultural institutes, where students should be able to continue their commercial language courses through online delivery
  • Students planning to undertake a commercial language exam at a CEMS accredited cultural institute have two options: 1. hold out for an online exam to be held in the future (it is not guaranteed that it will be offered) 2. plan sitting for an exam at the next available date (end of summer or early autumn). 
  • No new provider of online commercial language courses/exams is recommended due to lack of clarity on quality of learning/testing

Please remember: A commercial exam such as DELE (for Spanish) or DELF (for French) needs a minimal level of B1. A commercial language course needs to have at least 60 contact hours (teaching units) but is accredited for any level from A1 on.

CEMS internship requirements

If you are to graduate in 2020 (meaning you have fulfilled all other graduation requirements for CEMS by beginning of November 2020 - this only applies to cohorts 2019/20 and before) and you do not have an internship, you have the following options:

If your internship abroad got cancelled: Please provide written proof that your already agreed internship got cancelled due to the corona virus situation

If you did not get an internship: Please provide at least three written negative replies to your applications (or any other proof of cancelled internships) due to the corona virus situation

Option 1: You can either do an internship in Germany or

Option 2: You can accredit an internship in Germany that you already completed on post-graduate level (after your bachelor’s)

The internship is still a mandatory part for graduating from CEMS. If you have never completed an internship or are not able at all to find one until September 2020 (the last day to start an internship and graduate in 2020 is Monday, 14 September 2020), we are very sorry but the CEMS graduation in 2020 will not be possible for you. You can of course still graduate from the University of Cologne and you will have your official master certificate for further steps. Keep in mind that you could also accredit the first 8 weeks of a full-time job (abroad) as an internship or if you have started a traineeship and a part of it (mininum 8 weeks) takes place abroad.