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Last updated 9 July

Corona virus – Information for outgoing students (STAP Bachelor and STAP Master)

Most universities have adapted their structures to limit the spread of Covid-19 – your host school coordinator is keeping you updated on the study situation at your host university. In addition, the official authorities in your current country of stay and in Germany (e.g. Robert Koch InstitutBundesgesundheitsministerium) are giving instructions and recommendations on how to behave in public – we strongly recommend you follow these and carefully check for any updates.

You can find information on current measures taken by the University of Cologne here. Updates from the WiSo Faculty for the coming spring term here in Cologne can be found here.

Recommendations for STAP outgoings spring 2020

In the coming weeks, transcripts of your STAP term abroad will be sent to the ZIB office by your host school. To speed up the process of sending the certified copies to you by post, we recommend that you inform us of your current postal address as soon as possible. Please send a message to:, subject line: my postal address for ToR

In light of the current pandemic situation, our offices are still closed for public – therefore personal pick-up of transcripts will not be possible.

STAP main selection round (new application deadline)

For students interested in a term abroad in the academic year 2021/22, please be advised that the STAP main selection round will open on 1 December 2020 with final deadline: 15 January 2021. For more information on options for a term abroad, please see the STAP Bachelor and STAP Master websites.