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Amplifon - Graduate Program

Application will close in June 2023

Dear students,

We are glad to announce that we are launching the third wave of the Amplifon Records Graduate Program.
The Amplifon Records Graduate Program is an 18-month selective  international talent program, during which participants will learn adequate skills and knowledge to navigate our organization and one specific business function.

The 18-month journey consists of three job rotations within one business function.

  • The first two job rotations, of three months each, will take place in our Milan’s HQ within our Global/EMEA Region Teams
  • The third assignment will take place in one of our 25 countries and will last 12 months.
  • The graduates will have the opportunity to work together to ideate a CSR project and implement it in one of our countries.

The Selection Process:

  • Applications are now open and and the selection process will close in June 2023
  • The selection is open to all applicants from around the world.
  • The program will officially start in September 2023

Who can apply?

This program is meant to bring talents that will become future leaders of our company. Therefore, we are looking for participants to have the following characteristics:

  • Top Academic Performance
  • International Experience of at least 6 months
  • Internship experience from a minimum of 6 months to max 1 year
  • Willingness to relocate and have a global career during and after the program
  • Extracurricular experiences (volunteering, students organization, sport) as a plus

More information can be found here.