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Student Board Meeting Cologne

During the first weekend of September, almost all 30 student board members (of which 15 were newly elected) made their way to Cologne for the second meeting of the year. We received a very warm welcome from both the CEMS office at the University of Cologne and the CEMS Club.

Each student board meeting is always packed with corporate partner interaction, team sessions to work on our projects, sharing best practices and discussions on globally important CEMS issues. For example, this time we talked about CEMS in the rankings and the value of CEMS outside of Europe. We were invited by corporate partners Simon Kucher and Bayer to visit their companies and to meet up with the many CEMS Alumni working the. Henkel kindly provided us with beauty care products.

This fall, some of the best student board projects are coming your way. Sign up now for the CEMS Startup Challenge in Budapest, vote for the Alumni of the year and make sure to participate in the Global Sustainability Week with your CEMS Club. And always keep an eye out for the all cool initiatives in the making!