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OFW – Organisationsforum Wirtschaftskongress

The World Business Dialogue brings together the leaders of today and tomorrow to enhance a meaningful exchange – nowadays also in the digital world. The organization behind the World Business Dialogue is the Organisationsforum Wirtschaftskongress (OFW). 

The World Business Dialogue hosts the podcast "The Dialogue" (available on every podcast platform), a video series, a series of blog articles, and many more digital formats where students from all over the world participate and raise their voices. Be it a young founder from Canada, a student from South Africa, or a member of the German Bundestag – the World Business Dialogue is a network, a community, and a platform for bright minds and pressing topics on the global agenda.

The organization enables students and young professionals from all around the world to share their opinions and shape their own future by discussing topics that matter with top executives and notable influencers in business, science, and politics and most importantly to discuss among themselves to gain new perspectives. 

For more information on the World Business Dialogue, please visit their website.