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International research

The Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences (WiSo Faculty) has a strong tradition in both fundamental and applied research. We strive to fulfil our mission of "Today's Ideas. Tomorrow's impact." through academic rigour and the practical orientation of our research. Through our interdisciplinary approach, our departments and institutes and the experts that work in them make a major contribution to the Excellence Initiative of the University of Cologne. The results of our basic research are published in top-ranked scientific journals and  are highly relevant for business practice, the field of economics and society. The Faculty's development and application of innovative methods and scientific models underline our goal of finding solutions for the challenges of the future. Thanks to our long-established subject variety, top-level research, practical relevance and internationality, we truly stand out in the national and international business education landscape. Our current positions in relevant rankings are testimony to the success of our strategy.

Our interdisciplinary approach includes all areas of management, economics and social sciences as well as disciplines in other research areas within and outside the University. National and international cooperation schemes and networks play an important role in our international research strategy as ways of enriching collaborative research networks and fostering cooperation with research institutions outside the University.