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Study Abroad Programme – STAP Bachelor

Consultation hours for outgoing students

In light of recent worldwide developments with consequences for the structure of student exchanges, we are currently experiencing a heavy workload of emails. In order to work with priority on these issues, we have had to reduce our availability for telephone consultation to: Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri: 9 – 10 am.

Email requests concerning the following topics will currently not be processed. Students are advised to see the information provided online for:

  • Credit transfer options
    Please consult the Anrechnungsmerkblatt for bachelor students (here) and master students (here). 
  • ERASMUS acadademic year 2020/21
    Students will be informed as soon as the ERASMUS process has started.
  • ERASMUS spring 2020
    Information on final steps will be provided by Dezernat 9.
  • ERASMUS internships
    Please see general information here.
  • STAP studies abroad (including ERASMUS)
    The next STAP selection round will open in October. Individual counselling will be available starting in August. Please see the information provided on our homepage for STAP Bachelor and  STAP Master and in the WEX International database.
  • Freemovers/Dezernat 9 students
    Please see our guidance leaflet here.
  • Summer schools
    Students interested in attending a summer school offered by one of our partner schools, please see our homepage here (includes a guidance leaflet and a general list of summer schools). Students are advised to check the respective homepages to find out whether the summer school will be offered (either face-to-face or online) in 2020.

If you are in urgent need of advice, please re-direct your message to with the reference line: URGENT: …

Thank you very much for your understanding – we expect to resume our general advice offers in late July.

Your ZIB WiSo outgoing coordinators Jutta Reusch and Mareike Laub

Studying abroad gives students valuable experience in terms of career prospects, cultural understanding and language skills. For students seeking international employment, a term abroad is an essential part of their studies. Terms abroad not only give students insights into other university systems and their approach to everyday student and university life, they also broaden their understanding of other cultures.

The Study Abroad Programme (STAP) provides an opportunity for a single-term stay at one of the WiSo Faculty's partner universities. STAP participants benefit from direct contact and organisational support at the partner university and are exempt from paying tuition fees there. Many universities offer accommodation for guest students or assistance in finding accommodation. Most partner universities also designate resident students as 'buddies' for guest students.

Through its cooperation with top-ranking universities and business schools worldwide, the WiSo Faculty is able to offer its bachelor students numerous possibilities of tuition-free terms abroad.